Meet the New Eco-Movement

Eco-Activism 2.0

A new generation is coming forward. They are the eco-warriors of the 21st century, with new voices and approaches to saving the world. In their battles, they are paving survival in the dawn of this new & challenging century.

The Next Eco-Warriors shares the stories of eco-activists like Andy Ridley, co-founder of Earth Hour; Wen Bo, founder of China’s Greenpeace; Benjamin Potts of Sea Shepherd fame and co-star of televisions Whale Wars; Enei Begaye, a Navajo/Diné activist bringing green jobs to her reservation; Jamie Henn, co-founder of; and numerous other emerging leaders in the variety of green revolutions.

But The Next Eco-Warriors is more than a book, it is part of a movement. So join the revolution!

Pictures of the Revolution