Hannah Fraser

Australia, Mermaid

Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid that uses her tail talents to bring awareness to ocean issues and environmentalism. As a model and actress fascinated by the mermaid mythology, she created her own tail and performs underwater, free diving since she was young, and diving to 30 ft or more on a single breath. Swimming in the wild with whales, dolphins and sharks she became both connected and concerned with marine life. In 2007, she organized a ‘paddle-out’ against Taiji dolphin hunting with David Rastovich, (pro-surfer) and celebrities like Hayden Panettiere (actress from the TV-Show Heroes). Paddling out on surfboards and Hannah, swimming with her tail, they attempted to shield dolphins being slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. This became one of the first actions to raise attention on dolphin killings in Japan and their activism was later featured in the award winning documentary The Cove.

Meet Hannah Fraser: A Real-Life Mermaid